What is you/your child's experience with diabetes burnout?

March 16, 2022–March 23, 2022


What is you/your child's experience with diabetes burnout?
Have not yet experienced it.
Have it now and am struggling.
Have it now and am dealing with it.
Had it in the past, but was able to cope.
Am not familiar with this.

Many people around the world are feeling the effects of burnout from having lived through a pandemic for the last couple of years. They’re tired of wearing masks and social distancing, and that's totally understandable. But when you experience burnout from your diabetes, you are unable to simply stop thinking about it; you have to continue to care for yourself.

So, what are you supposed to do when you experience diabetes burnout? Can you prevent burnout, or is it bound to happen to everyone at some point? What resources are available to you? How do you find out if you truly have burnout and aren’t just having a bad day or week or month? We’ll make sure you are able to answer those questions in this article by Clinical Director, Marissa Town, BSN, RN, CDCES.