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February 27, 2003

Alternative Therapies and Explanations, Weight and Weight Loss

Question from :

A company offers an ephedra-free weight-loss product with the following ingredients and claims: Forskolin - optimizes your overall body composition. Forskolin breaks down the fat in your body and actually increases lean body mass. You'll lose fat and weight while keeping and improving your muscle. Chromium - breaks down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently within the body; a deficiency can cause drastic increases in insulin and glucose levels and can lead to cravings for fattening sweets. Glucomannan - a dietary fibre that can increase to 17 times its volume, giving you a feeling of fullness and satisfaction. Clinical studies show those who take glucomannan are more likely to stick to their diet and are also more likely to lose weight. Green Tea Extract - a strong antioxidant (free radical fighter) that is also a thermogenic fat burner. Vanadium - an insulin mimic that is reported to have a favourable effect on carbohydrate metabolism and is also beneficial for thyroid function. Would this be something relatively safe in your opinion?


Unfortunately I have not heard of Forskolin and was unaware of some of the properties stated for chromium. Until I see some bona fide research regarding the benefits of the product, I would have to recommend that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is not a substitute for common sense in eating behaviors and exercise.


[Editor’s comment: Also, see Herbs and other Supplements at the Diabetes Monitor for more information.


[Editor’s comment: See our section on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Diabetes.