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September 17, 2003

Daily Care

Question from the United Kingdom:

A relative, who has type 2 diabetes and is treated with pills, checks his blood sugar regularly throughout the day, but then finds that it is high and feels accordingly. Some mild exercise does seem to help, but obviously he would not wish to undertake this if it were to cause problems. Is there a method, quick or otherwise, to bring the blood sugars back into the appropriate range? Your help would be most appreciated as no advice has been provided in this area, only for low levels.


It would help to have a bit more background information to answer the question. For patients with type 2 diabetes, exercise does help to bring down the levels. Avoidance of a snack later in the day may be appropriate if the levels are high. No easy method, in terms of a drug, is available. I would suggest that pattern management of high sugars is part of the reason to do blood sugar monitoring. If a pattern of high sugars persist, the patient and physician should do something to prevent this.


[Editor’s comment: It appears that your relative is in need of a change in treatment plan, as Dr Lane has suggested. This may mean a change in meal plan, exercise, an increase in the dose of the pills, or the change/addition of another type of medication. Your relative should seek bring this to the attention of those caring for him so that appropriates adjustments can be made.