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April 29, 2003

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Research: Causes and Prevention

Question from Center Valley, Pennsylvania, USA:

I am a freshman in college, and am just getting over mono. A week after I was feeling better, I began getting really thirsty and frequently urinating, and the clinic at school tested my sugar via a prick of my finger, and it was normal. However, a few days later, my symptoms still exist (frequently urinating, extreme thirst, and I’ve been taking naps like I was when I had mono). Has mono virus has ever been proved to cause anything related to diabetes? I will return to the health care providers here at school in a few days, but I was wondering what you think.


From: DTeam Staff

Some viral diseases, such as mono, can trigger the onset of clinical diseases such as diabetes. In addition, some viruses (that’s not the case for mono) might also start the autoimmune disease process that many years after leads to clinical diabetes.