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July 31, 2002


Question from Maryland, USA:

About two months ago, I developed a kind of nervous twitch between my thumb and pointer finger on my left hand. It causes my thumb to twitch for a few seconds, and then stop. It occurs sporadically (sometimes a few times an hour, sometimes not at all for days). I've been extremely stressed out lately, although it hasn't been affecting my blood sugars, so I'm not sure if that could be the problem. I have no complications from diabetes, and I usually have good hemoglobin A1cs (5-7%), but I'm concerned about this. Could it be the stress? I have read that peripheral neuropathy doesn't usually manifest this way. Does this sound like a diabetes-related problem?


I would agree this does not sound like diabetic neuropathy, and it could be stress-related. However, there are a variety of tremors that be symptomatic of a variety of problems and range from benign outcomes to more complicated problems. I would make sure you check with your physician about this.