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February 17, 2002


Question from Isanti, Minnesota, USA:

Although it has been almost a year since my four year old daughter was diagnosed with type�1 diabetes, I am really confused about a lot of things. How will I know when she is coming out of her honeymoon stage?


One of the easiest ways you will know that the “honeymoon is over” is by watching glucose patterns. You did not indicate which insulin she is currently receiving. For the moment, given her age and duration of diabetes, I will assume that she is on intermediate acting NPH or Lente plus a fast-acting insulin like Regular, Humalog or Novolog. If so, then if you see frequent patterns of higher readings at lunchtime or bedtime, this implies that your fast-acting isn’t holding her and that she is unable to make up any difference on her own (which is what the honeymoon does). So, then the honeymoon will be nearly done.