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July 18, 2008

Other Medications, Type 2

Question from India:

Are there any anti-inflammatory medicines and antioxidants that are beneficial to insulin resistant type 2 diabetics in view of inflammation related to insulin resistance? If yes, which medicines can be suitable?


To date, no medical therapies have been shown to be effective anti-oxidants with the benefit of preventing diabetes or end-organ complications. For an update, see Oxidative Stress as a Major Culprit in Kidney Disease in Diabetes in the June issue of Diabetes and the perspectives section to review the most recent information about anti-oxidants in diabetes care. Anti-inflammatory therapy is being tested in the U.S. in patients using salicylates in order to prevent type 2 diabetes. Previous trials with aminoguanidine did not work. There is some question regarding how to give anti-oxidant therapy. Many people feel it should be to targets within the mitochondria.