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October 15, 2007

Daily Care, Other

Question from Springfield, Virginia, USA:

I have a nine-year-old daughter who has type 1 diabetes. Are there any studies or statistics about the different hand cleaning agents that are available and if they (and by how much) affect blood sugar numbers when used in the event that a sink with soap and water is not available?


The best advice would be to call the toll-free number for your child’s blood glucose meter to see what they recommend for cleaning the skin. Most will tell you to use soap and water, or an alcohol wipe. Different cleaners and sanitizers may have interfering substances and are not usually recommended. I have not seen any published studies done with different hand cleaning agents on the skin. Alcohol wipes, if used regularly, dry out the skin, so it may be best to just use them when you are not near a sink. Whether using soap and water or an alcohol wipe, always let the skin dry before doing the blood glucose check so as to get an accurate reading.