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May 12, 2006


Question from India:

Can foods, vitamins and minerals, which can cause relaxing effects on muscles, be beneficial in controlling blood sugar levels? If yes, which they are? Which vitamins and minerals are beneficial in controlling persisting hyperglycemia? Does persistent hyperglycemia cause some defect in normal muscular contraction and relaxation (arterial muscles are said to contract excessively with hyperglycemia)? If yes, can this be one reason for insulin resistance and for insulin normal secretion? Which, out of glucose, lipids, amino acids, calcium, sodium, magnesium, iron, potassium, silicone, phosphorous and fluorine can have a relaxing effect and impact blood sugar levels?


I am hesitant to give any vitamin or mineral a recommendation as a treatment for diabetes. If an individual experiences a deficiency of magnesium or potassium, as a result of being on a diuretic, there is benefit in replacing these on blood sugars. But, in the same individual with a deficiency, there is not necessarily a benefit of superphysiologic replacement. Chromium has been overplayed in terms of being beneficial. At this point, my opinion is that there are not any vitamins or minerals that treat diabetes.