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May 23, 2002

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from San Marcos, Texas, USA:

At birth, the doctors had a hard time stabilizing my now three year old son's sugar levels. He was born seven weeks prematurely, and when we were able to take him home he cried all the time. They diagnosed with colic and GI reflux. He would throw up all the time and cried a lot. Something never added up quite right with me. He always woke up being very irritable. I would force feed him, and in about 20 minutes he would be back to normal. This is a routine that I have live with for three years. I have also kept him on a low sugar diet which he has always favored anyway. Diabetes runs in our family, and I was concerned enough to bring this up to his pediatrician. They told me not to worry that children with diabetes will have more severe symptoms such as comas. Are these symptoms something to be concerned about?


The symptoms you are describing would not be typical for a child with diabetes.See symptoms of diabetes for more information.

I would make sure you have pediatricians that you know well and can trust — and then rely on their advice.