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August 31, 2006

Honeymoon, Other

Question from Fernandina Beach, Florida, USA:

I was diagnosed type 1 seven months ago. I am 33 years old. My C-Peptide at diagnosis was 0.2, which I understand to be below normal levels. What are the ranges? If my results were less than this, for example zero, would this mean I am producing absolutely no insulin? I am wondering if I am in my honeymoon stage. I take 11 unit of Lantus and one unit of NovoLog for every 30 grams of carbohydrates. I am very active, working out at high intensity five times a week.


The C-Peptide level you describe cannot be distinguished from zero. In some laboratories, the ability to discriminate zero from values less than 0.8 is very low. This sounds like you have type 1 diabetes. Whether you are in a honeymoon stage is dependent upon being able to determine whether you can s how you are now making insulin. For instance, your insulin requirements for both basal and bolus insulin are still consistent with type 1 diabetes. In the honeymoon stage, you either require no insulin or have to dramatically cut back on your insulin replacement. Often, when the honeymoon phase is in place, you can repeat the C-Peptide measurements and determine whether you have measurable insulin production. I take it the C-Peptide value you spoke of was a value obtained at the time of diagnosis. Once patients are treated and the original high blood sugars come down, you can actually show C-Peptide again. Be sure your doctor draws any repeat C-Peptide value with a simultaneous glucose value for best interpretation.