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November 8, 2006

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Minnesota, USA:

I am looking for a list of about 12 acceptable, fun snacks for diabetic children. Lunch at our school is served at 10:40 a.m. and this snack would be served at 3:40, two Mondays a month to 30 boys, two of whom have diabetes. I can't find a list of this anywhere on the Internet. The snacks should be somewhat appealing, relatively simple and inexpensive. Keep in mind that specialty health food stores aren't an option for everyone.


Here are some easy to fix, healthy snacks that are kid friendly for both kids with and without diabetes:

graham crackers with peanut butter
unsweetened yogurt with fresh fruit
whole grain crackers with a low fat cheese stick
pizza muffin (1/2 English muffin with pizza sauce, shredded cheese)
sliced apple pieces with peanut butter
trail mix (assorted nuts, dried fruit or raisins)
popcorn with an artificially sweetened beverage
fresh fruit/cheese kabobs (cubed fresh fruit: pineapple, cantaloupes, strawberries, grapes) alternated with cubed cheddar cheese placed on skewer sticks
purple cow slushie (one eight ounce artificially sweetened vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup fat free milk, 1 cup frozen blueberries, 1 1/2 cup ice cubes) Combine all in blender until blended well
vanilla wafers placed in a cup with sugar free vanilla pudding
peanut butter and low sugar jelly sandwich on white wheat bread
mini carrot sticks, broccoli spears with low fat ranch dressing, celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins sprinkled on top

A wonderful resource book is “Cooking Up Fun for Kids with Diabetes” by Patti Geil and Tami Ross. It can be purchased on the ADA (American Diabetes Association) web site.