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February 7, 2007


Question from Bakersfield, California, USA:

Can you tell me the relationship between beta cell dysfunction and MODY? My son was recently diagnosed with MODY and he also has an immune deficiency including beta cell dysfunction. I happened to be doing some more reading on MODY before our appointment in a few weeks and have begun reading articles that talk about the beta cell dysfunction in MODY patients, but none really describe the relationship. Is it possible that with him having MODY I.V. immunoglobin treatments may not work or may work, but not as efficiently, as they should?


MODY is maturity onset diabetes in the young, a specific set of genetic disorders that interfere with beta cell production of insulin. It is completely different than autoimmune disorders, attacks, on the beta cells and islets in the pancreas. If you are talking about lymphocytic beta cell disorders, this is also totally unrelated.