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February 15, 2016


Question from South Carolina, USA:

Diagnosed with type 1 almost 1.5 years ago, my daughter has been losing her hair. I have stopped putting chemicals in it, but her hair still is not growing. Is this related to her use of insulin?


From: DTeam Staff

It is not related to her diabetes at all, I suspect. Even if sugars are in terrible control with high A1c levels, rarely is this seen. You need to review with your diabetes team and check thyroid functions and celiac antibody levels since those two problems are more common with type 1 diabetes and could show up with hair changes rather than other symptoms, sometimes. Low vitamin D levels, low minerals also could be a possible explanation and these, too, are more common in those with diabetes. It is simple to supplement with an adult multiple mineral/multiple vitamin like Centrum A-Zinc or similar once-a-day, plus usually about 4000-8000 IU extra pure vitamin D3 – based on actual blood vitamin D levels. If dietary calcium intake is low, many also need extra combination calcium/vitamin D as well to try to achieve total calcium intake between food intake and supplements in the range of about 1000-1500 mg/day. If the mineral, calcium, vitamin D levels are low by history and the blood vitamin D levels confirm this, then, usually, supplements will correct the problem and the hair will respond after about two to four months. If the thyroid levels are off and thyroid supplements are taken faithfully to normalize the thyroid blood work, then the hair also will respond over the next two to four months.