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January 13, 2007

Other, Research: Monitoring

Question from Flemingsburg, Kentucky, USA:

Do you have any updated information on the Sleep Sentry device? I see there was information from 2003, but I wanted to know if any more recent information were available. My physician is telling me that I have to get more continuous sleep to help prevent the risk of having another stroke, therefore interfering with my son's 2 a.m. blood sugar check. I am working with his nurse practitioner from Children's in Cincinnati on reducing basals during the night, but would feel more comfortable if there were something to alarm me, if he went too low.


I am unaware of any new information about the Sleep Sentry.

On a personal note, our daughter tried the Sleep Sentry for part of one night several years ago. The device alarmed several times and each time it was a false alarm. She finally had to take it off to get some sleep.

If you are serious about a nighttime sensor, I recommend that you look into one of the continuous glucose sensors that are now available. These measure glucose levels, rather than trying to measure a surrogate for hypoglycemia as does the Sleep Sentry.