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May 8, 2004


Question from New Delhi, India:

I am a type 1 diabetic, aged 19. Today, I had a kidney function test. One of the parameters, namely uric acid, is elevated. When the upper limit for the same is 7 mg/dl, my kidney function test shows a value of 8.4 mg/dl. What will be the repercussions of this elevated uric acid levels on my body? Is there any corrective action that can be taken to reduce this value, naturally?


Uric acid is a breakdown product of nucleic acids. Humans are turning the substance over all the time. When it is elevated, it may the result of a medication you are taking. It may be the result of a familial predisposition to gout. People go their whole lives without gout having elevated uric acid levels. I would not be too upset by it now. Remember always to drink plenty of fluids during the hot whether as uric acid in the urine may serve as a “seed” for kidney stones. However, the blood level is not as predictive as the urine level of uric acid for stone disease.