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July 23, 2001

Gestational Diabetes

Question from Los Angeles, California, USA:

I am 38 years old, seven months pregnant, and I have gestational diabetes for the fourth time (all of my pregnancies). During my first three pregnancies, I controlled the diabetes with diet and exercise, but now I am taking insulin before dinner and before bed as my morning fasting numbers were uncontrollable this time by diet alone. My concern is that when I get my shot of insulin I feel strong contractions. My doctor is now very concerned about early delivery as there are other signs of my going into early labor. It is so much so that I am on bed rest and threatened with a hospital stay. Is there any correlation between insulin and premature labor or cervix dilation or strong contractions (Braxton Hicks or normal ones)?


From: DTeam Staff

I have never heard of a relationship between insulin shots and contractions. As long as your cervix is not changing, then the contractions, despite being strong, are not causing any problems. However, you will need close follow-up.