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January 31, 2004

Pills for Diabetes, Type 2

Question from Pakistan:

For the last two years I have had type 2 diabetes. My blood sugar is not under control. I am taking Amaryl 3 mg once a day and glucophage 1 gm twice a day. My glucose in blood always over 200. What should I do? Is there any easy way to take insulin, like using an inhaler?


Amaryl can be taken up to 8 mg per day. Therefore, you do have room to increase the Amaryl dose. Your Glucophage dose is close to being maximum. If increasing the Amaryl does not bring your sugars down, you should probably go on insulin. These changes in medication need to be reviewed with your physician before you make them. Currently, there is way to take insulin, other than via the shot. Other experimental ways have been evaluated but are not yet available to the general public for treatment. I would suggest that the tradeoff between taking insulin injections and feeling bad and having long-term complications favors taking the insulin injections.