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August 25, 2004


Question from Simsbury, Connecticut, USA:

We may be travelling to India this December with family. I am uneasy about this after reading about the many health precautions necessary. How risky is it for someone with type 1 diabetes to journey to India? My 17-year-old son has type 1 diabetes and has travelled to Hawaii, Europe, and the Caribbean without incident.


India is, nowadays, generally as safe for a young diabetic patient as for an average healthy person the same age (vaccinations, etc ). You need to carry with you all the necessary daily equipment for self management and therapy of diabetes, i.e. insulin, strips, needles for pens or sets for pumps depending on his therapy. One problem, depending on where you are planning to go and to stay (metropolitan areas are generally closer to western habits), might be, depending on his eating habits and preferences, the spicy and very different tastes of Indian cuisine. All major Indian hotels offer you a variety of international foods where you can find something closer to your preferences. Enjoy the wonderful country and people of India.