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October 29, 1999

Daily Care

Question from Australia:

I am 14 years old and have had IDDM for just over a year. Am I able to sleep in to at least 10�A.M. without getting up to have my insulin and breakfast at 8�A.M.? This is sometimes a problem when sleeping at a friend’s house.


From: DTeam Staff

Generally, if this is only occasionally it should be okay. However, I usually suggest that if you get up any later than 2 hours after you usually get up, it will mess up your diabetes and make it more difficult to control, as the morning insulin will then continue working into the evening after you have had your tea-time dose.

If you are sleeping in really late, how about having your insulin and breakfast at 9 or 10 then going back to bed?

Additional comments from The Editor:

Being able to sleep late is one of the important benefits of using an insulin pump. The pump delivers insulin while you’re asleep, and that lets you sleep as late as you want.