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September 22, 2001

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Hypoglycemia

Question from :

I am 16 years old and, for about six years, I have been seeing "green dots" when I haven't eaten or am doing an unusual amount of exercise. I mentioned these to my doctor who told me that it was probably hypoglycemia, and to eat a piece of candy. Is this a symptom of hypoglycemia? I also want to know other symptoms. Are there ways to do a self test for the disease? Should I be alarmed? Is there a specific diet that should be followed if diagnosed with this disease?


Visual changes can be a symptom of low blood sugar. In an otherwise healthy person, however, I would hesitate to blame the green dots on low blood sugar without doing any tests for low blood sugar. Rather, I would suggest reviewing your symptoms with your physician and an ophthalmologist to make sure there is not another reason for your visual disturbance.

Also, please read more about the symptoms of diabetes (high blood sugar) at Symptoms of Diabetes.