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August 21, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Michigan, USA:

I am 20 years old and ever since I was young, I have always loved candy and sugar. In the last few years, tt seems that if I don't eat food at specific times of the day, I feel really tired and faint to the point where I feel like I am going to pass out. Also, I almost always pass out when I am in a physically stressful situation like at the dentist or getting blood drawn. Could I have possibly "programmed" my body to need a certain amount or sugar and or carbohydrates? I have also been urinating a lot lately and been really tired even though I am usually not tired even after the active lifestyle that I lead. Am I at risk for diabetes?


You are at risk for diabetes and you should discuss your concerns with your physician promptly. In addition to diabetes, there are many treatable conditions that could be responsible for your symptoms.