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April 8, 2002

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Question from the USA:

Question I am 30 years old, and I have had a problem with uncontrollable sweating since my diagnosis of type�1 diabetes just over a year ago. I avoid eggs, fish, onions and garlic; I am a very clean person, bathe daily, and I have tried every deodorant on the market, but I feel I cannot go anywhere or do anything due to this problem. I reluctantly mentioned this problem to my doctor once, but he did not think it was related to my diabetes. Is this related to my diabetes? I need help! Is there a medication I can take to stop the production of whatever is causing this?


There is not a specific medication to stop your sweating. I would suggest you and your physician need to talk about this more. For instance, there are some hormones, when present in high concentrations, can cause you to sweat more. They are also the same ones which increase facial hair, body hair, and cause irregular menses. In addition, with diabetes, you can have rapid swings in your blood sugar the trigger the nervous system. I would try to detail your blood sugars during this time and share this information with your physician.