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October 2, 1999

Type 2

Question from Ankara Turkey:

I am 42 years old. I was having Type 2 symptoms (frequent urination and thirst) beginning 4 months ago after a tough tennis match. My blood glucose was 408 which then declined to 130 several weeks later thanks to two different diabetes pills. Several weeks later, I was told to drop both of them. After a sharp sudden rise, then lowering to normal levels (between 90-110 random or fasting), do you think it is cured by a great diet and exercise? I weigh 170 pounds and am 5 foot, eleven inches tall. Nobody in the family has diabetes for sure.(living or deceased). Doing SMBG every other day.


Your recent experience with newly found diabetes demonstrates the positive effects of exercise and diet changes. Does this mean your diabetes has gone away? Not really. It means that with your current exercise and eating changes, your blood sugar returns to normal range. It is very possible that if you stop either one, your blood sugar will slowly rise again. This is a very good incentive to keep it up!

Continue to check your blood sugar randomly to be aware if things change. Diabetes is a progressive disease and your ability to manage your blood sugars without medication will most likely change over the next few years. This is not a failure on your part but the gradual decline of your pancreas’ ability to produce the amount of insulin your body needs. Stay aware of your blood sugar, keep up the exercise and eat the foods you enjoy within moderate amounts. This will set you up for a successful journey with your diabetes.