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June 28, 2001

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from :

I am a girl scout leader and have a five year old girl with diabetes in our group. What type of snacks including drinks should I give her? Please help as I have very little knowledge of diabetes.


From: DTeam Staff

How thoughtful of you to look for information regarding her meal plan. I am hoping by now her parents have spoken with you regarding her food. I believe her meal plan will be much like the rest of the children in your group. She will need to know the amounts of food she can have for each meal and snack. Generally, all foods can be eaten in moderation according to the Food Guide Pyramid.

Snacks such as fruit, popcorn, crackers, peanut butter, chips, cookies and other sweets may be allowed if it is okay with her parents. Normally, sugar free-drinks are preferred to sugared ones, but, when strenuous activities are on the agenda, some sugar to treat a low blood sugar would be appropriate.

In general, people with diabetes can do everything that they choose to do, they just have to plan everything a little more thoroughly. Not knowing exactly how she has been taught to follow a meal plan this is about the best I can do.