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November 2, 1999

Hypoglycemia, Social Issues: School and Daycare

Question from Georgia, USA:

I am a kindergarten teacher who has a little boy in my room that has been diagnosed with hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, not diabetes. His mother claims that when his blood sugar gets low he will become very active and talkative. I want to know if this is true because he cannot do his work or keep his hands off of other children. How does hypoglycemia affect five and six year olds? Does it cause them to become active? What can I do to keep him from becoming this way?


From: DTeam Staff

Speak to this child’s doctor for more information and to get specific instructions. Hypoglycemia in children is not common, and there are different kinds of hypoglycemia. In general the child should get meals and snacks on time, but the treatment would depend on the classification of the hypoglycemia.