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May 15, 2009

Insulin Pumps

Question from Head Of Bay D'Espoir, Newfoundland, Canada:

I am allergic to the glue on tapes. My skin reacts badly - blisters. Are there other ways to attach the infusion set to my body without using adhesive?


If you are allergic to the infusion set tape, the reaction is usually very itchy and the shape of the footprint of the tape.

The first thing to try is IV 3000 or whatever transparent dressing your insulin pump company provides with your pump supplies. Wash the skin with hypoallergenic, but non-moisturizing, soap. Use alcohol or IV Prep on the skin (be sure to apply IV Prep on the skin separately and monitor the site for several days to determine if you are actually allergic to the IV Prep before proceeding ). Put the transparent dressing on the skin. Insert the infusion set through the transparent dressing. If the transparent dressing causes a reaction, try Tegaderm HP brand transparent dressing.

If you are still reacting or developing infections from the reactions, you may be a staph carrier and need to see your healthcare professional.