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July 31, 2000


Question from Kingston, Tasmania, Australia:

A friend of mine has 2 very lovable kids who have diabetes. The problem is that they have recently started to go hypo, even though their levels have been good. Two days ago, the 12 year old went into a fit and her levels were good. Her brother, age 10 years, is always hypo and we need to find out more about this matter. I am only a friend and look after the kids as they love to stay at my house with my kids, but I need to know as much as possible about diabetes. I am downloading a programme for diabetes.


There are several reasons why a child goes hypoglycemic, and if it is happening on a regular basis you should make sure the diabetes team looking after the children are aware, as there may need to be an alteration in their management in some way. Basically, hypos occur after or during exercise, missed meals, snacks, or too much insulin for the body’s needs. By keeping a check on the blood glucose control on a regular basis, the hypos may be able to be prevented, or avoided.