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February 24, 2001

Daily Care

Question from Yahoo.com:

I am searching for short and long term complications of children (around ages five to six) with type 1 diabetes in divorce custody arrangements. I am particularly searching for any short and long term complications related to secondhand smoke and the lackadaisical approach of blood sugar monitoring and daily injections along with the inconsistent eating time schedules and lack of diabetes knowledge by the baby sitters who are providing child care for the child with diabetes.


Secondhand smoke is bad for any lungs — including kids with diabetes. More respiratory infections of all kinds and, with diabetes, this often upsets glucose control.

Lax monitoring, lax schedules, late snacks/meals all produce the same problems no matter which adult is responsible: poor glucose control, more hypoglycemia and then more severe episodes of hypoglycemia including unconscious reactions and seizures. High sugars that result from poor control interfere with growth, are associated with delayed puberty and ultimately are associated with all the long term chronic complications: blindness, kidney failure, hypertension, nerve damage (neuropathy), premature heart disease and strokes.