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February 18, 2002

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from the USA:

I am the mother of a newly-diagnosed seven year old girl, and I need advice. Her blood sugar needs to be checked four times daily, followed by insulin injections. I can do this while I am at home, but there is a problem during school hours. I work during the day and she is picked up after school by a retired couple. The retirees cannot do an injection, so my child goes hungry for many hours and her blood sugar goes out of control. What I can do?


I think you need to talk this over with your daughter’s diabetes team so her insulin regimen is changed to reflect the fact that older folks pick her up after school and cannot give her an injection. She might be able to do her own injection if these folks could have guidelines to follow as to how much insulin she is to give. I assume they help her with blood glucose testing.