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June 10, 2005


Question from Baguio City, Philippines:

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes one year ago and have been taking Solosa, 1 mg a day. I was not planning to have other children, but then I got pregnant while taking Solosa for at least three weeks. Are there any side effects that might affect my baby? After learning I was pregnant, I stopped taking the Solosa and am now taking Lantus as my internal doctor prescribed.


In a general sense, most oral hypoglycemic agents are probably safe in pregnancy. However, only one is recommended (glyburide) and then, only after the second trimester. Metformin has also been used during pregnancy without any apparent bad effects on the fetus. There is not good data on the use of Lantus during pregnancy, but those patients of mine who have used it have not had problems. You may want to speak with your doctor about using a more traditional approach of Regular insulin and NPH in combination.