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March 29, 2004

Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from New Delhi, India:

I am a type 1 diabetic and I live in India. My health is extremely poor due to high Triglycerides and elevated blood pressure levels. My blood pressure levels are constant at 160 (systolic-mmHG) and 100 (diastolic-mmHG). Today's blood test showed my Triglycerides to be 1259 mg/dl and cholesterol to be 180 mg/dl. Also, my blood sugars are not very tightly controlled. My height is 180 centimeters and my weight is 100 kilograms when ideally it should be 80 kilograms. It's my conviction that all this is happening due to my obesity. My exercise routine is very sporadic in nature. It's by diet alone that I can reduce my weight. My present dietary intake is around 3000 kilo calories and I take Humulin 30/70 and Humalog. Please send me a diet plan and save me from this precarious situation.


Meal plans are very individualized nowadays to the patients’ individual health concerns and needs. I would recommend that you speak with your health care professional to see if they can steer you in the direction of a registered dietitian or health care professional that can develop a meal plan to optimize your blood sugars, lipids, blood pressure. You will find that with some gradual weight loss, you will see improved blood sugar control.