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November 6, 2000

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Hypoglycemia

Question from Raleigh, North Carolina, USA:

I am 37 years old and overweight and have two episodes of what seems to be low blood sugar. I haven't been tested for diabetes in a few years, but my dad has diabetes. I don't really understand the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes. I know that over-medication can lead to hypoglycemia in people with diabetes, but if I have hypoglycemia, am I at a higher risk for diabetes?


Diabetes is a condition in which your body does not process sugar correctly, and one usually has high blood sugars prior to diagnosis. Please see our discussion of type�2 diabetes for a more thorough description.

Low blood sugar (or hypoglycemia) is a condition may cause a variety of symptoms including sweating, feeling jittery, and many more. Please see our page on Hypoglycemia for a more thorough discussion of hypoglycemia.

If you indeed believe you have been suffering from hypoglycemia or may have diabetes, it is important you discuss your concerns with your physician.