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June 5, 2005

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Ireland:

I study biology at school and we just did the section and a chapter relating to diabetes. It got me thinking about it and I hate going to the doctor due to problems in my childhood with my health. Since then, I always stay away.

I tend to go through the day and eat a lot of sugar. Breakfast tends to be two bowls of cereal (piled to the top) and I usually put a lot of sugar on top. I go through the day like this, craving sugar based foods. If I change my diet and avoid sugar or reduce it, I end up getting shakes and eventually feel faint and have to cave in to getting some sugar. On these occasions I also suffer more from black-outs, but never have fully blacked out. I also tend to go to the toilet a lot and most often my urine is quite concentrated. Do you think I should go for testing or do you suspect it is something else?


From: DTeam Staff

You should eat less refined sugar and more starchy food such as rice potato pasta and bread.

I don’t think it is worth doing any testing.