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February 12, 2004

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Type 2

Question from Rocky Mount, North Carolina, USA:

I feel my sister should consult an endocrinologist, at least for a second opinion. Her present internist has known for over a year about her high blood sugar. Her symptoms have worsened. He finally seems to be concerned. However, he gave her no material to read about her type 2 diabetes, and we have had to ferret information from others who have diabetes, and on the Internet. Her doctor told her just "to watch her carbohydrates" and to walk at least 30 minutes every day. On a return trip, he did prescribe the blood sugar monitor where she could check her sugar daily. Somehow, there seems to be something missing in her treatment. I really am so concerned about her. She's recently had a severe bout with diverticulitis. She asked the doctor how she could have diverticulitis without having diverticulosis. His answer was that she had had diverticulosis for about two years, which he'd never told her! Do I have reason to be concerned, or should I just not say anything more to her?


At the very least, ask her to get the name of a diabetes program in the area and attend classes. Education is the key to good management and the more information that you have, the better she and you will feel.