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August 28, 2006

Weight and Weight Loss

Question from Melvindale, Michigan, USA:

In October 2003, I had gastric bypass surgery. On the morning of surgery, I weighed 348 pounds (disgusting, I know). Now that almost three years have gone by, my weight loss has stopped, but I still have at least 100 pounds to go before I reach a "normal" weight. Is there a medical reason related to my type 1 diabetes that I could not get a micro pouch? My first surgery went quite well. In fact, there is no dumping syndrome or any of the other "complications" that some people have after weight loss surgery. I think my pouch has stretched a bit over the last two and a half years and I really feel like the only way to lose the rest of the weight is with a revision to a smaller pouch.


The decision about a revision lies with you and your doctor. He would have the information about your diabetes control and other possible ways to continue to work on weight loss. I would say that you would want to try and utilize traditional diet and exercise methods first, before going back to surgery again. There is always some increased risk when you go back for this kind of surgery. Your doctor will also give you additional input about how much more benefit a revision might provide you. If your blood sugars are poorly controlled, it would not be good to expose yourself to infection and poor healing until the sugars were improved.