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December 27, 1999

Daily Care

Question from Mississippi, USA:

I have a 22 month old daughter who was diagnosed with diabetes at 18 months. We just took her off the bottle and she is beginning to eat somewhat better. But now at bedtime her sugar is very high a lot of nights. I'm not sure what to do. She takes Ultralente and Regular when high but I afraid to give Regular because it seems to bottom her out every time. Any suggestions?


If you are not already, please seek help from a diabetes team with experience in the care of young children with diabetes. Please read other questions answered about young children with diabetes. It would be great if you could meet other families who have young children with diabetes.

Concerning your question, I would refer you to your own diabetes care professional. Goals for young children need to be individualized, and most diabetes experts would try to minimize low blood sugars in young children. This would mean putting up with some periods of highs. Do you best to address highs that are recognized, but if the alternative is hypoglycemia, then you may need to temporarily put up with the high. Young children change and grow fast, and many issues will fix themselves shortly. Try not to get too focused on blood sugars, but rather to look at the big picture of how your child is doing. In my practice I am concerned about the well-being of the parents who have young children with diabetes. Get hooked up with a good clinical group and then just do the best you can and enjoy your child.