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February 13, 2003

Other Illnesses

Question from Malaysia:

I have diabetes, and do not take any medications for it. I have developed two spots on my feet that get very itchy, and the skin keeps on peeling. I also have got this itch on my foreskin which is developing into red spots on my penis, and the itch is getting worse. The local doctor says this is due to my sugar level, and I have a urine infection. Is this true? What should I do?


From: DTeam Staff

Poorly controlled diabetes leaves people to be at risk for a variety of skin conditions. The area on your penis may be a superficial fungal infection as this is very common in people who do not have good control of their sugars. However, to be sure, you really need to see a physician in order to make sure this is not some other infection that needs more immediate or intensive therapy. As far as the lesions on the leg, they also need to be evaluated by a physician.


[Editor’s comment: If your diabetes is out of control, and you are having infections or other problems from high sugar, you should discuss with your physician how to get the blood sugar levels down. Maybe you will need diabetes pills or insulin injections, as well as revising your meal plan or exercise program, to get things back under control.