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July 24, 1999

Exercise and Sports, Meal Planning, Food and Diet

Question from Wisconsin, USA:

I am a 46 year old female who was diagnosed 3 years ago with diabetes. I take insulin. I am an avid exerciser and ran in the Chicago marathon. I have gained 25 pounds recently as we have changed my type of insulin. I watch what I eat very closely. Would it be safe to try the low carbohydrate diet?


From: DTeam Staff

I am not sure if you are a person who has type 1 or insulin-taking type 2 diabetes. I would not recommend the low carbohydrate diet to either person, but I would really put a stop for someone who has type 1 diabetes using a low-carbohydrate diet or weight loss. Please see your diabetes team and develop a plan to decrease your overall calories, especially the fat intake, and at the same time decrease your insulin dosage so you do not run into hypoglycemia.

It is challenging for someone on insulin to lose weight, but it can be done. You will want or need to keep up your same level of activity or even try to increase it somewhat. I am sorry there is not an easy way, but if you can run a marathon, please hang in there and I am sure you can lose weight. It is harder to lose muscle rather than fat, so it may take awhile.