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April 13, 2003

Family Planning

Question from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA:

I have had type 2 diabetes for about a year and have discovered that I two to four weeks into an unplanned pregnancy. So, I have not prepared my body as I should and have been taking my Glucovance. I am scared to death now that I have caused birth defects for my baby. I know the kind of damage high sugar levels can do, but what about the Glucovance?


Glucovance is a combination of glyburide [a pill for Type 2 diabetes] and Glucophage [metformin]. In certain conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, metformin has been used early in pregnancy without apparent ill effect on the baby. There have not been any well controlled studies during early pregnancy with glyburide, but no reported major adverse effects on the fetus.

Therefore, I would recommend that your doctor switch you over to insulin for ongoing management. You should peruse this website for additional information on pregnancy and diabetes.


[Editor’s comment: Also, see Diabetes and pregnancy , at the Diabetes Monitor, for some additional thoughts.