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July 5, 2002

Behavior, Weight and Weight Loss

Question from Lincoln Park, Michigan, USA:

I have had type�1 diabetes for over 20 years, and I'm sure I have an eating disorder. I used to go between restricting and bingeing/purging, but now it seems it's a full-fledged compulsive eating disorder with some very short lived periods of restriction. I've been considering the gastric bypass surgery as I'm medically deemed morbidly obese. I'm considering the surgery more and more because I'm noticing my inability to do some physical activities (such as a flight of stairs without getting winded, or having my pulse sky high) more and more. I also know that this surgery won't "cure" my disordered eating, but I really believe it will be a great starting point for the recovery, not to mention help me stop doing things like purposely running my sugar high for days on end because I know lack of insulin can (very dangerously) aid in quick weight loss. How safe is the procedure for someone with type 1 diabetes who has no complications?


My suggestion to you is that you need to sort this out further. Most centers that perform surgery for weight loss require an evaluation by a mental health professional, a medical evaluation, and the surgical evaluation.

I would suggest you need to have better blood sugar control, not have an active problem with your eating disorder, and I would not use the surgery as a beginning. Rather, it should be used if exercise, diet, and other medical attempts are unsuccessful.