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May 16, 2004

Diagnosis and Symptoms

Question from Los Angeles, California, USA:

I am a 16 year old female. I have shown typical symptoms of diabetes, including frequent urination (I often go twice during the same class), fatigue, occasional blurred vision, and constant thirst for about the last three to four months. My doctor did a urine test, which was negative. She then did a Complete Blood Count (CBC), which does not check the blood sugar level, to test for anemia and it showed that everything was normal except for a elevated level of white blood cells. Often, I get headaches that do not go away unless I eat something. My doctor thinks that I do not need to test my blood sugar level because my urine test was negative, and my mom thinks that I am just overreacting. I have also had a recurring vaginal yeast infection. Do you think I should ask my doctor to check my blood sugar level, even though she says I do not need to?


Absolutely! A blood glucose test is simple, inexpensive and would ease your mind. A fasting blood glucose should be less than 100 mg/dl to be normal. TWO fasting blood glucose levels 126 or higher indicates diabetes.