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June 24, 2002

Insulin Analogs

Question from Peoria, Arizona, USA:

I have just started researching information on the new insulin, Lantus. Is it not true however that you must still inject Humalog every time you eat something? If you are trying to decrease injections wouldn't a better option be the pump? Is Lantus even better for control? Can Lantus be used with the pump?


Lantus (insulin glargine) is a relatively new insulin analog first researched by Hoechst and now marketed by Hoechst’s successor, Aventis. In some folks, it lasts a full 24 hours as a basal insulin and is relatively peakless. In others, it does a good job at preventing overnight hypoglycemia since it peaks later than the other longer acting insulins and is more reproducible.

However, it works as part of a basal/bolus program with Humalog or Novolog as bolus insulin. Its benefit is not in avoiding multiple injections, however, but in more reproducible and longer duration of effect.


[Editor’s comment: Only Regular, Humalog or Novolog insulins can be used in an insulin pump.