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January 30, 2005

Hyperglycemia and DKA, Type 2

Question from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA:

When I test my sugar, I see ketones on my meter when it is high. No one has ever told me what to do to get my sugar down. I know to drink orange juice or eat a piece of hard candy to bring it up but, I don't know what to do to bring it down. Do you have any advice?


This is a good question. If this happens frequently, the first thing is to tell your physician so that additional therapy can be directed at the high sugars. What you can do is dependent on what form of therapy you are on. If you are on no medications and are diet-controlled, you may want to exercise on your treadmill or walk outside. This helps bring the sugar down some. The same is true if you are on a fixed dose of an oral agent. The trick here is that, if the elevations occur frequently, let your physician know so that additional treatment can be utilized. If you are using insulin, you may also want to give an additional dose of rapid-acting insulin with the idea of bringing your sugar down between meals. Any high blood sugar dosing of insulin needs to be discussed with your physician. Once you have a strategy worked out, you may have better sugar control over the long-term.