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September 8, 2002

Daily Care

Question from :

From,Amritsar, Punjab, India: I am slightly overweight (85 kilograms), and I know I have diabetes because my blood sugar level is always above 200 mg/dl [11 mmol/L] on a glucose meter, but my general physician has not advised me to take insulin shots. I am very thirsty, my eyes sometimes go off, especially when I rise in the morning, and an unusual type of heaviness always remains on my eyes and the regions above the eyes. My body aches very much (particularly my legs and feet), and sometimes my toes also get numb. I always find myself tired and I do not feel fresh even after rising from sleep. If I want to do some work, I cannot find strength to do that. I go for walk when I feel like it, but cannot walk because I always I find myself drenched with sweat. I am losing interest in sex, my heart throbs very fast on slight provocation, and sometimes I also forget names and things. Can this condition be reversed? If yes, what treatment I should take so that I become a normal person?


It sounds like you have all the symptoms of untreated or very poorly treated diabetes and need medical attention right away. With proper treatment you can get your life back on track.


[Editor’s comment: We cannot recommend any specific therapy over the Internet. Certainly, you should be on a meal plan, and exercising regularly (which is admittedly very difficult to do when you feel ill), and probably on medications, either oral hypoglycemic agents or insulin (or both). Only a physician who can evaluate you in person should decide on what specific therapy to advise.