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November 27, 2004

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Type 2

Question from New York, USA:

I had rushed myself to the hospital about a month ago for a severe stomach ache that was in my back also. It was uncomfortable to sit, stand, lay down, anything. They ran tests at the hospital, did ultrasounds for gall stones, etc. and the outcome was acid in my stomach. My pancreas was causing the back pain and my blood sugar count was in the 280 mg/dl [15.6 mmol/L] range, while my urine count was 1, 000. They told me that I'd need to see a specialist to check for diabetes. I have distant relatives who've had it and a sister with hypoglycemia. I first want to try to correct this naturally. Some of my symptoms are a feeling of being "high" when I eat carbohydrates. I race around like I've had too much coffee, then I hit rock bottom. I can barely keep my eyes open at times when I "crash." I also have continuous yeast infections. I am taking acidophilus three times a day for that and am starting a regimen of green juice, raw foods (the healthy way of eating, not RAW meat), and fewer carbohydrates, especially sweets. My weakness is breads and pastas, though. I need advice on this. I don't know how important having a reading of 1, 000 in my urine is. Will changing my diet to this healthy lifestyle help me out? What can I do about the yeast infections? I can't take how many times I get yeast infections, it seems like I am combatting one every two weeks anymore.


The blood glucose reading indicates that you have a problem with glucose metabolism, thus it appears that you have diabetes. The glucose in the urine indicates that your kidneys are trying to remove the glucose as best as possible.

Continuous yeast infections are one of the signs and symptoms of diabetes mellitus. I would heed the advice and obtain a specialist opinion along with education and treatment. A healthy diet and exercise is an important part of the treatment regimen, but you need expert advice on medical therapy. You do not indicate whether you had an inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatitis, as this is a possible cause for the elevation of your blood glucose. However, given your symptoms, I would obtain a physician’s opinion as soon as possible.