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May 31, 2007


Question from United States:

I have diabetic gastroparesis, for which I am taking promethazine and Reglan. I have a terrible problem with my diet because all the foods that trigger delayed digestion are the staples of said diet, such as dairy products, eggs, meat, raw (fiber-full) veggies. I also eat a lot of salt, which I know is not good, but my blood pressure is fine. I'm not a big carbohydrate eater and never have been. My diabetes control is suboptimal (all over the map) right now due to said digestive issues. Recently, I had fasting blood work and a random urine test done which showed low BUN and low potassium, but everything else was okay, including cholesterol (HDL 65, LDL115) creatanine (0.89), thyroid, and liver panel. Can a low BUN be due to the digestive issues?


It can mean you eat a low amount of protein in your diet. It is not a primary marker of gastroparesis. You could consider it a secondary marker because you don’t eat as well because of the gastrointestinal problems. I would encourage you to try and treat the blood sugars as best you can. In addition, make sure you follow-up with a gastroenterologist who has expertise in this area.