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November 8, 2000


Question from Boston, Massachusetts, USA:

I want to know why you think your site has any chance of helping anyone. I’m 15 and I got diabetes last year for Christmas. I hate it, and I am in a bad mental condition. I just don’t care about anything anymore. I hate school and life. Having to live my life in fear that I will probably go blind or lose a leg, makes me not want to live. Your saying, “but if you have good control over your sugars, won’t go blind.” Save it. I’ve had enough, and I don’t think I want to live anymore. If you respond to my question, don’t tell me how you “understand that I’m going through a hard time.” SAVE THAT. That doesn’t help. I know I’m going through a hard time, and pretty soon I won’t be going through say time. Just respond with something useful.


From: DTeam Staff

Rage — that is what you feel. Yelling via e-mail through a website is not all that satisfying. I think being angry is normal and I just wish you could speak your feelings to a human right there in your life. I wish you would. I think it might help.


[Editor’s comment: Having diabetes is the pits! I’m glad that you know that and felt like expressing it here with us. Like Craig, I wish very much that you’ll say all these same things to your friends, your friend’s parents, the people at school, your clergyman, and, it goes without saying, to your parents and your diabetes team.

It seems to me that you have choices. The first is to stay mad and let your diabetes control your life. That seems simple right now, I’d bet. The second is to take charge of your diabetes and make it fit the way you want to live. If you let all those people know how upset you are, together you can find ways of taming this monster. No one can make your choices, it’s up to you, and its hard.

I hope you’ll think about this and all the good things in your life. Please write back soon. You can feel free to say whatever you want.