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April 15, 2003

Research: Causes and Prevention

Question from Volga, South Dakota, USA:

I was just reading the article Common Class of Viruses Implicated as Cause of Type 1 Diabetes which was to linked from CWD. In the article, it states,"Possible triggers that have received a lot of attention include the nitrosamines used as a food preservative and a protein in cow's milk." I found this article to be quite interesting as my son was diagnosed with an intolerance to cow's milk protein about a year prior to the onset of diabetes. Do you think there's any correlation between the two? Could this information be useful in a study?


The early exposure to cow’s milk story began some years ago in Finland where the incidence of Autoimmune Diabetes is a little over twice what it is in the U.S. Later studies were mixed, and for a time, it was thought that the risk was conferred by a specific variant of a milk protein called beta casein which was present only in certain herds.

Nitrosamines present as food preservatives or in ground water as a result of nitrate fertilisation likewise were briefly considered as environmental triggers of this form of diabetes because of their potential to cause oxidative stress. However, a very large and currently active study called DAISY has so far failed to confirm either of these proposals.