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April 18, 2004

Diagnosis and Symptoms, Hypoglycemia

Question from Oklamona, USA:

I was diagnosed pre-type 1/hypoglycemic in March of 2004. I am currently watching my sugar intake and testing my blood sugar when I feel bad. The doctor and dietitian both said that I am more than likely going to get type 1 diabetes. I am not able to see an endocrinologist until May because he is booked until then. He is supposed to be a very good endocrinologist. I am 14 years old and weigh 115 pounds and am 5'6. Will I get diabetes, and when? Should I be worried/scared or wait and see what the endocrinologist says?


It is difficult to answer your questions without more detailed information. The endocrinologist will be able to do so, usually. Most people who have hypoglycemia do not progress to type 1 diabetes, but some do. The converse is also important that some people with type 1 diabetes have a period of time when their pancreas is not working so well, overproduce insulin temporarily before the insulin production becomes deficient and, so, some folks with type 1 diabetes have hypoglycemia before their diabetes becomes evident. This may be what you have been told. A lot depends upon whether or not you have beta cell antibodies or not, whether or not you have pure hypoglycemia or some mixture of high and low blood glucose readings. The more blood glucose readings you can bring to the endocrinologist, the better will they be able to speculate. So, don’t be scared, but monitor many times a day, before and one to two hours after eating while you are staying away from simple sugars: soda, candy, juices, fruits, etc. and seeing what happens. This sometimes will also preserve the damaged pancreas and make it work for a longer period of time.